# Preparing PDF for Upload

# Selectable text image

We highly recommend Unmerged format. Please send ‘Selectable contents’ (Text, Image)

Please send ‘Selectable text’ formated contents.

# Export InDesign PDF

# General

Choose File > Export.

1. Please choose [High Quality Print]

# Compression

1. Please choose Image Quality to [Maximum] 300 DPI <

2. Color images: [Do Not Downsample]

3. Grayscale images: [Do Not Downsample]

4. Monochrome images: [Do Not Downsample]

5. Please unmark/disable [Compress Text and Line Art]

6. Please unmark/disable [Crop Image Data to Frames]

Please choose [Do Not Downsample] on Color images, Gray-scale images & Monochrome images.

With [Do Not Downsample] settings your PDF file size would be bigger. But, so are the quality of the images would be better.

# Marks and Bleeds

# Output

# Advanced

# Security

# Summary