# What is WorldPlus

# What are the benefits of WorldPlus?

WorldPlus offers you easy-to-read, most comprehensible, and highly interactive world-class digital magazines with the offline-reading feature. By subscribing to us, you will have unlimited access to top-tier magazines like Reader's Digest, New York magazine, Cosmopolitan, and many more.

# What is the difference between interactive magazine and standard magazine?

WorldPlus ensures the most interactive digital magazine reading experience for you. The most special feature you will experience with WorldPlus is its interactivity. Just like how Instagram and other popular social media platforms let you scroll effortlessly, watch HQ videos, listen to music, slide see pictures, and share on other platforms, you can now perform these while you read your favorite digital magazines. For example, while you read about the adventures and insights of your idol singer, you can listen to their recent album and watch their photoshoot in the application. Your digital magazine reading experience will be revolutionized with WorldPlus.

# Are there any free publications?

Yeah, there're some free magazines for the taste. Also, some selected articles free for trying WorldPlus .

# What devices and platforms are supported by WorldPlus?

To install our application, your phone or tablet needs at least 12.3.1 iOS version and 9.0 Android version.

# Where to download WorldPlus application?

To install our application, your phone or tablet needs at least 12.0 iOS version and 5.0 Android version. You can download our application by clicking the icons below.

# How much should I pay?

After a one-month free trial, you only need to pay 5.99$ per month to access unlimited reading of our magazines. We are working to add more subsription options soon.

# What is WorldPlus newsletter?

After signing up for our application, we will send you weekly news, articles, and magazine's introduction according to your interest and past readings. We will also deliver coupons and discounts for our service.

# Account Settings

# Can I use one account on multiple devices?

Yes, you can log in with your account on up to 5 devices at a time. We are doing our best to be more responsive at all times.

# Can I use one device for multiple accounts?

Yes, but not at the same time. To switch accounts, you need to Sign out and Sign in again with the secondary email. Also, you can merge two accounts.

# How can I merge 2 accounts?

If you have more than one WorldPlus account, we can merge them together so that you will have the access to all your publications in one account. If you want to merge two accounts, please email us.

# What if I dont receive verification email?

We are sorry for your inconvenience. Please provide us your registered email, and we will send the verification email again shortly.

# How do I register?

To register you need to fill up your personal information such as name, and email or you can sign up using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple account.

# How do I change the email address?

You can not change your registered email. In case If you can not sign in with your registered email, please contact us.

# How do I change my password?

Insert your email here. We will send a link for changing your password.

# What is the benefit of signing up?

You will have an unlimited reading of our publications for a month. Also, our registered users receive weekly newsletters.

# What happens to my downloaded magazines when I sign in from different device?

When you sign in from different devices your downloaded magazines would not be downloaded in your new device. Although you can always download them again from your "My Library" section.

# How do I change my username?

To change your username

  • Please go to the main sidebar "More"
  • Then click on Account
  • Click on your name and change it into new one.

# Will my bookmarked magazine and articles stay when I sign in from different device?

Yes, when you sign in from a different device, your saved magazines and articles would be there.

# How old must I be to use WorldPlus?

You must be 18 or older to use WorldPlus . Users, below 18, please have a consent from your parents or caretakers.

# Subscription Settings

# How do I subscribe?

To subscribe, you need to go to the any priced issue we have. You will find a subscribe button from there.

# What comes with my subscription?

You will get an unlimited reading of global, digital, interactive magazines with your monthly subscription.

# Tell me more about the free trial

After signing up for our application, we will give you an unlimited reading of all our magazines for a month.

# Does my subscription extends automatically?

Yes. Your subscription will be extended automatically. We will notify you via e-mail about your subscription extension.

# What are the payment options?

Here are the payment options:

  1. If you are an Android user, you can use Google Play In-App Billing for your subscription.
  2. If you are an Apple user, you can use Apple Store In-App Purchase for your subscription.
  3. If you own Mongolian banking account, you can use a domestic payment system.

# What is In-App purchase?

In-app billing or purchase refers to in-app purchases that are made directly from within a mobile application on Google's Android or Apple's iOS platform.

# Can I know about refund policy?

Our payments are made with In-App purchases. Refunds may be available by completing the e-mail form from iTunes or Google Store support service. E-mail forms can be found here:

# How long will my downloaded issue stay on my device?

If you have purchased an issue during your Unlimited Subscription you will have an extra 7 days to finish reading your issue even after the end of your subscription.

# How do I stop my subscription?

If you want to stop your subscription:

  • If you are an Android user, open Google Play Store, choose and to Subscriptions. Choose WorldPlus and tap Remove.
  • If you are an Apple user, open App Store, choose your profile and to Subscriptions. Choose WorldPlus and tap Cancel Subscription.

# How do I access Magazines other languages?

If you want to read magazines in different languages

  1. Go to Home page
  2. Click on the
  3. Change the language

# How do I change application language?

You want to change the application language

  1. Go to More
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Choose Interface language
  4. Select the language

# How to download a publication and read it offline?

If you want to download a publication

  1. Go to the Magazine Page
  2. Click Download.

The magazines you’ve downloaded will be stored in Library-Your Reads for you to access offline whenever you’d like.

# Do I receive any updates of the publisher I follow?

Yes, we send you a notification when the publisher you follow adds an issue or a title. You can choose to enable or disable these push notifications on your mobile device settings. Also, keep in mind that you can see the notifications in the “Notification section of WorldPlus app.

# How do I share an article on social media?

Currently, you will only be able to share the app to your social media, not an article or a magazine. However, don’t worry, we will notify you as soon as we enable the sharing option on WorldPlus app.

# How do I bookmark/delete articles?

To save or delete an article you need to press under the article you want to save or delete.

# How can I stop receiving notifications?

If you want to stop receiving notifications

  1. Go to More
  2. Open Settings
  3. Select Manage Notifications

There you can manage your notifications.

# What happens to my downloaded magazines when I reinstall the application?

If you have registered to our applicaton, your magazines would not be downloaded right after. To download them again you need to go to your Library section and re-download.

# What if my downloaded magazines are deleted after I update my application?

Some of your downloaded magazines may not be there after an update. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience, if that happens. Although you can always download them again from your "My Library" section.

# What if I have an another question that is not listed here?

We are sorry to hear that. Please send your question or an issue through [email protected]